How Can a Woman Look Beautiful?

Most of the article contains knowledge that you already know. However, most of us forget these basic things that we need to pay attention to these details.

While every woman wants to look beautiful and be appreciated and tries many things that can add to her beauty, they tend to forget some of the basic necessities. Here are a few tips that can help you in making you look your very best.

1. Eat healthy food: The best way to take care of your looks and look glamorous is by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Healthy food is best for one’s skin and body as it is essential to give the right amount of nutrients for a normal body. A good and balanced diet can do wonders for your body. Make sure you cut down on your sugar and fatty intake as carbohydrates and fats lead to weight gain.

2. Adopt a daily skin care routine: Skin is primarily the most important aspect of a woman’s body. To flaunt a clear and blemish free skin, one should adopt a daily skin care routine. Always clean the face with a good cleanser and apply a moisturizer. If you are stepping out in the sun, apply a good sunscreen lotion. Apply a good night skin repair cream during the night-time to restore the lost skin nutrients. Toning is also essential as it balances the oil content of the skin.

3. Wear good fitting clothes: To look glamorous one should dress well. Properly fitted clothes are a must as it enhances the overall look. It accentuates the curves in the right places and makes a woman look curvaceous and voluptuous and not looking bulky and overweight. Opt for a well-fitted outfit near your thighs, hips and waist. Also wear good foundations to give a good shape to your body.

4. Accessorize properly: To enhance the overall look, you should choose the best accessory available in the market. Don’t compromise on quality and design. A good brand is a better investment than any cheaper brand. Money invested in a good product is worth it. Good brand name products tend to last longer and stay in style. Carry good designer handbags, belts, hats, shoes and fashion jewellery. Each can do wonders for your self-esteem and positive attitude.

5. Get the right beauty products: Always choose a beauty product that suits your skin and complexion. Good makeup enhances your overall look, and its purpose is to highlight your best features and hide your flaws and imperfections. So, choose the best make up. You can also consult a makeup artist.

About Marcasite Jewellery

Marcasite jewellery usually refers to silver jewellery inlaid with small stones made of Pyrite. Pyrite is a naturally occurring mineral which can be commonly found in a variety of geological formations. Due to its brassy yellow colour it has been mistakenly mixed with gold, and hence its second name: ‘Fools Gold’. However, it is quite different from gold as it is much lighter and stronger, and as such more resistant to scratches.

Marcasite itself is another naturally occurring mineral very similar to Pyrite in colour and properties. The difference is that Marcasite is more difficult to shape as it is softer and often crumbles into dust. The name Marcasite in jewellery terminology stems from the Arabic word for Pyrite, Markaschatsa.


Early traces of Marcasite jewellery have been found in ancient Greece and the burial grounds of the Inca people in Latin America. Cleopatra was also reported to wear Marcasite in order to preserve her beauty. Silver jewellery decorated with Marcasite was extremely popular in 18th and 19th century Britain, reaching its peak in popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria in England in the second half of 19th century. The Queen wore beautiful Marcasite jewellery as a substitute for diamonds, which were much more expensive.

Marcasite Jewellery today

The most common precious metal used with Marcasite is sterling silver. Due to the contrast between the two metallic grey shades, the combination is very striking and it gives a special vintage look to silver jewellery. Nowadays Marcasite earrings, rings, pendants, and brooches are present on the market at very affordable prices and they have their own antique charm liked by people of all ages.

Normally when used in jewellery the mineral is cut in a triangle or oval shape and can have a different colour – ranging from dark green to metallic grey (most common in jewellery). The most common method of inlaying Marcasite stones to silver jewellery is gluing them onto small holes, which is a reason why this jewellery should not come in touch with water. However, various types of gluing methods can be used, and these differ in quality.

The best tip for keeping jewellery decorated with Marcasite clean and fresh looking is to wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, which can be dry or slightly damp. Steamers or ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided, neither should it be soaked in water. As with Sterling silver jewellery in general, taking good care will make Marcasite jewellery more beautiful and more vintage with time.

All in all, Marcasite jewellery does make perfect vintage jewellery, it is a stunning value for money, it is beautiful, chic, elegant, stylish, and, what is more, it is said to have healing properties such as fending off negative energy.

Coach Accessories to Fit Any Lifestyle

The online store, Coach Company, has a number of items and accessories for the varied tastes of women. For example, Coach Company sell accessories such as sun glasses, jewellery, fragrance and beauty products, purses, wallets/ card cases, clutches and wristlets, pouches, swing packs, charms, watches, key rings, planners, scarves and hats which are popular with women. In case you are in the market for buying some summer essentials you may as well look at products sold by Coach Company in addition to others.

Under the category of personal accessories, is found a variety of lots of splashes of bright, and vivid colors! One item is the travel signature brag book which is worth mentioning. The website features it in a bright color of pink, yet it can be purchased in a variety of other bright eye catching colors as well. Ladies who travel frequently there is the signature jewellery pouch which is a bargain considering its worth, as is the triple pill box also.

On this site, you’ll find a wide variety of umbrella styles, in various colors and sizes. One of the umbrellas is the Coach Heritage model, with its signature stripe and folding mechanism. Coach is noted for its use of different hues and its design innovations. Their umbrellas range from classic earth tones to bold and sassy pinks, and are available here.

Coach understands that trendy women need trendy accessories””including what their pets are outfitted with. The site has numerous options for dogs that make then fashionable companions to match their owners. A wide array of colors and styles of leashes are available to purchase for your beloved pet.

For the lady who has the panache to wear a hat, there are plenty to choose from! The Lydia hat has understated chic while the Maude hat features a lovely flower that would be delightful for a variety of occasions, from an outdoor tea to church on Sunday.

If you are planning to attend a wedding, a great way to take the attention off the bride is to wear a Laura hat. This hat, which is very eloquent and exquisite, is wide brimmed. It would be great for an indoor or outdoor wedding and would be great for other summer events that are classy and have charm.

The Tara hat and the signature Lee hat, simple in design, are perfect for women who use hats merely to prevent the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. In addition to the wide array of colors on the web site, the Tara and the Lee hats are available other attractive shades.